How to Update Your Old Serving Trays

Ok time to get serious here…summer is almost over. That means we are on limited time when it comes to pool parties, back yard BBQ’s, socially acceptable daytime drinking (as long as its in slushy form there is no judgment in the summer). So before I pack up my bathing suits and alarmingly large number of flamingos I’ve collected this year, how about one more summerish DIY craft?

This one is an easy revamp of a serving tray…perfect because now I have an excuse to have people over for drinks.

What you will need:


  • Serving Tray- I scored this one at a thrift store, but it was originally purchased at Ikea
  • Patterned Duct tape
  • Washi tape

Step 1- If your tray was found at a thrift store like mine was CLEAN IT. This one had defiantly been used for a couple parties.

Step 2-Use your fancy tape and make some nice lines across the tray.

Step 3- Congratulate yourself on making a super easy and cute project in under 5 minutes. Now add some drinks or in my case a nice pool side breakfast and enjoy how awesomely crafty you are 😉
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