Interview With Heart House Studios

This week I’m excited to feature the talented Kelsie Wagner of Heart House Studio. Kelsie is a jewellery designer who creates stunning one of a kind pieces in a unique process called electroforming and if you’ve never seen jewellery done this way before then you are in for a treat!

Before chatting with Kelsie I wanted to educate myself with what electroforming was all about, aka, I wanted to sound somewhat educated on the process before our interview. So I hopped onto good old Wikipedia and this is what I found, “a metal forming process that forms parts through electrodeposition or electroplating on a model, known in the industry as a mandrel.” …ummm yea, I still had no idea what the heck it was, just that it sounded extremely complicated.

Luckily after admitting to Kelsie that I had no idea what it is that she does, she was able to explain it in english. “Electroforming is a process where metal attaches to an object by using chemicals and electricity.” Ahhh of course, simple enough right? Well not really, this process takes time and is defiantly not for impatient people. A single piece from Heart House Studio takes on average 24 hours to prep and set properly before the electroforming process even begins. Then each piece will take another 12-24 hours. This art form is also interesting because after the jewellery goes into the chemicals there is no way of controlling how the metal forms and what you get is something different every time, they are truly one of a kind pieces.


How does someone get into electroforming?

Kelsie started out making wrap jewellery and came across some pieces done by electroforming. She loved how organic and raw it was.  After seeing a few pieces done this way Kelsie knew that she wanted to change the direction of her business, but it wasn’t easy. Even with her previous experience in creating jewellery she soon realized that electroforming was a whole new ball game. There was a huge learning curve teaching herself how to properly handle the chemicals, and deal with the electricity, she had to become somewhat of a mad scientist. Right now Heart House Studio uses copper to form all of their pieces but is soon going to be diving into silver, so be sure to look out for that in the near future!

What inspires this artist?

When Kelsie isn’t working she loves to travel with her husband, exploring new countries  that influence her different pieces. When traveling she becomes inspired to work in various colour pallets, or with native stones and crystals mined from those regions she’s visited. You can see from her work that her wide appreciation of the worlds vast beauty has ignited her creative side.

I for one am very excited to see what will be coming next from Kelsie and Heart House Studio. Be sure to show this designer some love and check out her Etsy store, by clicking here at Heart House Studio. ***Also for the next 5 days you will receive 20% off of your purchase of any piece of jewellery. Just enter in the code MDW20 during checkout.***


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