Turn Your Old Dated Chairs Into Modern Luxury Pieces.

O garage sale season! If you’ve read my previous posts you know that this is my favourite season of them all. I love taking others trash and then turning it into my own treasure. A few weeks ago I found a dresser to update at a garage sale, this week I stumbled on these two beauties. A pair of vintage chairs that makes my husband shudder, and my heart skip a beat.

Here is the before-These beauties are pretty dated and the fabric is wearing out, but you can’t help loving their unique design.


How I gave these chairs new life:

Step 1-First I had to unscrew all the cushions from the frames. This took a while because the last person who refinished these had used all shapes and sizes of screws.

Step 2-Next the chair frames were spray painted in a champagne gold (o gold spray paint how I love you so). I also sprayed the screws that are going to be shown on the back of the chair so that they matched my frames.


Spray painting these chairs in Champagne Mist, from Krylon.

Step 3-I took a flat head screw driver and removed the staples out of the fabric on the cushions. The foam had been replaced at some point and was in good shape so I didn’t replace any of it.

Step 4-I had a navy blue fabric upstairs in my o so wonderful fabric collection that compliments the champagne frames nicely. Laying the cushions over the fabric I cut the fabric to shape, adding an inch to each side so that there was enough to fold the fabric over and staple it to the bottom.

Step 5-After pulling the fabric tight across the foam I stapled it to the underside where there was a wooden board on each piece.


Step 6-After the pieces were upholstered and the frames were dry all that was left was to screw the cushions back to the frame and replacing all the mismatched screws with matching ones.

TADA! I love the way these chairs turned out. They no longer look like outdated pieces you would find in your grandparents house. Instead they look like luxury pieces you would find at a high end furniture store.






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