Mmm Mmm Peaches!

Down the road there is an old man with three peach trees. Every summer when the sun had ripen his trees to perfection a handmade sign on a piece of scrap wood gets hung from his mail box saying ‘Peaches 4 Sale’. I look forward to this sign going up every summer and when I finally see it I slam on my breaks, throw the car in park and start skipping to his front door. Im sure you’ve guessed it, the sign is now up and I have bought my first round of peaches from him. So today I have 2 easy ways for you to use peaches this summer.

Peach Ice Tea


Ice tea, peaches, and basil!

So simple and o so delicious. Make up some ice tea (I cheated and just used store bought ice tea crystals). Then throw in 5 peach slices and a handful of basil. This a refreshing way to jazz up your summer ice tea… and to take this from a kid friendly drink to adults only, add in a splash or two of vodka!

Poppyseed Peach Salad


Peach salad with a poppy seed dressing.

I love making salads with fruit in them. Something about the mix of sweet and savoury is making my mouth water right now. This is a simple salad of fresh lettuce from the farm up the road (I love Kelowna food) then I mixed it with a poppyseed dressing and topped it off with pecans, red onion, and of course peaches! This would also be great on spinach.

I hope you like these simple and quick ways to add peaches into your day. I think there will be many more peach worthy posts in the future. Don’t forget to let me know your favourite way to enjoy peaches!


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