DIY Chalkboard Globe

How great are globes?…Because I think they are fantastic! It’s the fun toy that as a kid I always wanted to play with but was never allowed to touch. When no one was looking I would start spinning the globe as fast as I could then stop it mid twirl and see what country my finger had landed on. I would do this for as long as I could until an adult would tell me to stop playing with it (booo adults are no fun).

The other day I found an old globe at a thrift store and picked it up. I thought this would be a fun toy for Avery to play with and learn the different countries. I figured we could spin the globe, land on a country and spend the day learning as much as we could about the countries culture …ummm yea she’s 1. I love the kid but we are still trying to figure out how to drink water without soaking our shirt. So pretty much I bought a globe for myself with Avery as an excuse.

I’ve seen so many beautifully redone globes lately and figured I would try my hand at one of those, but this one has a little twist. Instead of a nice colour and quote I figured why not use chalkboard paint, then change up the quote whenever my little heart desires. Then eventually when Avery has figured out how to draw with chalk instead of eat it, it’ll be a fun interactive toy for her.

What you will need:


  • Globe
  • Chalk spray paint
  • Gold spray paint

Step 1- Spray paint your globe with the chalk paint. This is the first time I’ve used chalk paint in a spray can and overall it did an alright job. If you have a can of chalk paint use that instead and just hand paint your globe. I found the spray paint wastes a lot of paint and does not have the best ‘sprayer thingy’ to give an even spray.

Step 2-When your globe is dry remove it from the bracket and spray your bracket in gold…or your colour of choice but I love to spray paint everything and anything gold. For this project I used Champagne Mist from Krylon.

Step 3-Get out your chalk and write whatever the heck you want!

I love the way this project turned out. This looks like a fancy globe to dress up your decor but it’s also fun for kids to write and draw all over. Now I just need to come up with some inspiring travel quotes…


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