Cupcake Makeover

Cupcakes! I love eating them, I hate baking them. Most of the time they come out to big, to small, or funny tasting (salt and sugar look the same but trust me you do not want to mix those bad boys up). What I do like about baking cupcakes is decorating them because lets be honest, how fun are sprinkles?! So here is my secret to skipping over the hard part of baking the cupcakes and making boutique bakery cupcakes without the high end prices.

Step 1- Go out and buy a cheap pack of cupcakes! Yes this is totally cheating but if you don’t have the time (or the skills) to make your own cupcakes then go for it! No one will know your secret…unless your my neighbour reading this post.

Step 2-Remove all the icing from the cupcakes and put in a bowl to use later. Or make your own icing…but that also takes time and skill.

Step 3- Raid your pantry and get creative with what you have on hand. Here are my creations from the random supplies I had lying around.


  1. Shabby Chic- Wrap twine along the cupcake liner. Take a piece of card stock and write  ‘party’, ‘happy birthday’, ‘this is a cupcake’…whatever you want. Tape your paper to a toothpick and stick it in the cupcake. This would also be a great dessert for your next Boho themed party.
  2. Magic Crystals- Cover your cupcake with pop rocks and it looks like crystal covered magic. These ones are the best because they pop in your mouth (wahoo…reliving my childhood one cupcake at a time).
  3. Beach Bear- Cover the top of the cupcake with brown sugar to look like sand. Add a gummy bear and drink umbrella. If you don’t have drink umbrellas laying around your house I highly suggest you invest in some (dollar store). They are always great to have on hand and get used in this house more than I would like to admit. If your going with this beach themed cupcake don’t forget a beach themed cocktail like the Drunken Blue Raspberry Lemonade to go with it.


  1. Gypsy Soul- Add a bit of icing on top of your cupcake and stick a feather on top. Voila fancy smancy boho chic cupcake.
  2. Smore Please- Top the cupcake with marshmallows. Brown the tops with a cooking torch and you have a dearest that looks like it just came from a campfire. These would also go great with the Smore Milkshake Martini we made a few weeks ago.
  3. Baileys & Coffee- O so delicious! Take a bit of the icing you removed earlier and mix it with some baileys. Not to much or you’ll be making a cocktail instead of icing. Top with a coffee bean.
  4. ‘Dino’licous- Dip the cupcake in your favourite sprinkles. I had dinosaurs on hand but any fun shape will look awesome.

Now you can look like Martha Stewart in the kitchen without actually having to learn how to bake. Have fun creating your own cupcakes and let me know how you decided to decorate them!



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