How to Update an Old Dresser

“Tis’ the season for garage sales, falalalala lalalala…..”

Ok big confession coming up…I am a garage sale junky! There’s just something so intriguing about looking at other peoples ‘junk’. It’s the one time where people put out everything they once thought they needed and you get to sift through it all and secretly judge them for the fact that they once had a beanie baby collection, or a disturbing amount of porcelain dolls.

My husband on the other hand cringes when he starts seeing the garage sale signs go up. Every summer our garage slowly gets taken over with my magical treasures that to him resemble and I quote, ‘a pile of trash that should go to the dump’ (the man has no vision).

The other day my husband and I were taking Avery for a walk minding our own business when **BAM** GARAGE SALE signs were flooding the streets (ok three signs but still exciting). This is the point where I start skipping along the road in excitement, while my husband starts getting that twitch in his eye (must’ve been dust). And this was the day that an old dresser, desk, and chair got a new home in our garage for just $30. Can you believe it? Deal of the century right? Ok so here is part 1 of my garage sale furniture transformation .



A before shot of this little treasure.

You can tell that this dresser has been well loved. The top is an aged yellow and the gold trim is chipped all over, but overall it is a solid and well built piece. As long as it has a solid frame, anything else can be be worth fixing!

Step 1- First I had to remove the handles, take out the drawers, and sand the whole piece down. I didn’t remove all the paint, just roughed it up enough so that the new paint would stick. Then I wiped it all down with a wet cloth to get all the dust off and let it air dry.

Step 2-Next was picking a colour. I’m on a bit of a coral kick right now, when I see it mixed with gold accents my heart skips a beat, plus how perfect is coral and gold for Avery’s room. So I went with Apricot Ice by Behr from Home Depot. I’ve never used this brand of paint before but the woman helping me out said it was a great paint to use on furniture because it is durable enough that it’s not necessary to varathane the top afterwards. Also I only had to do 2 coats of paint, then it was ready to go.

Step 3-The handles were a mix of gold and white so I used Krylon Champagne Mist spray paint and did 2 light coats for the handles.

Step 4-When the drawers were dry I used this fun blue contact paper I had lying around the house (yes I have strange yet handy things lying around my house…don’t even get me started on my googly eye drawer). The best way to apply contact paper into a drawer is to only peel a bit of the backing off, get it in place then pull the backing as it sticks to the drawer.

Step 5- Reattach all of your handles, and slide the drawers back in.

This was such a great find, and I’m happy that I was able to update it, and give it new life.

Confession: This was originally going into Avery’s room, but I thought I would put it up for sale to see if anyone would be interested. Turns out there are many other people into the coral and gold look and the dresser was out of our house and into another families as soon as the paint dried. (Which made my husband happy too…)

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