Happy Birthday Hubby


Happy Birthday my dear husband,

Last year your birthday was a forgotten celebration. I was still fresh out of recovery from an unplanned c-section, and you spent the day making me meals, changing diapers, and rocking our newborn to sleep. The only reminder of a birthday you had was your mom calling and reminding us of your big day. But this year is different. Im healed, and will cook you a dinner, our baby now sleeps through the night and I guess I’ll do all the diapers.

On your special day I want to thank you for all that you have done for this family. The first year with a newborn we learned a lot about our relationship, and it was tested time and time again. The mix of hormones, sleep deprivation, and the task of raising a little dictator made for long days and sleepless nights, but we got through it.

This past year you have taught me what it means to truly be partners. You were up for every 2am feeding and never missed a doctors appointment. When you saw me at my most fragile you took the time to tell me I was beautiful. You have supported and encouraged me through every crazy idea…even if I knew they were crazy. You are this families rock and teddy bear.

Thank you for making every day about Avery and I, but today is your special day so you get to plan it out this year. You can spend the day in your underwear eating pizza, or watch Lion King while eating bacon (I don’t really know what guys like to do). Just know that we love you so much and thank you for being such a great captain for our team.





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