How to Make a Trendy Hipster Onesie For Your Toddler

Baby clothes are my weakness. There’s something about itty bitty t-shirts and teeny tiny shoes that makes me go ‘eeeeeek’. If I could convince my husband, the whole family would walk around in matching valour track suits (cat included)!

Unfortunately he doesn’t get my style, and is kinda a boring dresser. His uniform of choice is a white t-shirt and shorts. Classic I know, but that man has 13 (yes 13) white v-neck t-shirts. However, Im still determined to make us all wear matching outfits, so how am I going to accomplish this fashion feat? White onesises for all!

What you will need:



Step 1- Find some hipster clique quote thats only cute when shrunken down to munchkin size.

Step 2-If your worried that your penmanship isn’t up to onesie par, print your saying off on the computer and slide it under the shirt, then you’ll be able to trace your saying or picture onto the front.

Step 3-Write, draw, and have fun. Pretty much you can do what you want on these shirts because anything looks cute in miniature size.

Step 4-Let the shirt sit 72 hours before washing, then your good to go.


I hope you enjoy making some stink’n cute shirts for your kid/niece/nephew/random baby down the road. Be sure to send me pictures or tag me on Instagram (@moderndaywonderland) so I can see how adorable yours turn out!

DIY Hipster Shirt.png               how-to-make-your-own-hipster-onesie



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