DIY Branch Picture Display

Every month for the past year I’ve taken pictures of Avery with her favourite teddy bear (Louise), giving us a chance to look back on the blur of our first year and see how much our munchkin had grown. Somethings seeing those pictures again I can’t believe it was the same kid! For her boho birthday party I wanted to put these pictures out on display so that everyone else could see the changes over the past year, plus parents take any excuse to show off pictures of their kids.

This was also a fun project because you need branches…and branches are in the forest. Therefore you get to go out into the wilderness and plunder the forest for branches. Finding the perfect sticks took a while (plus I had to deal with the constant eye roll of my husband). I think your allowed to take branches off the ground but I’m sure, so be careful when collecting your materials…and maybe wear a ski mask. I made my husband carry them out incase the forest police were there to yell at me and take me to tree jail.

What you will need:


  • Branches
  • String
  • Paint
  • Flowers
  • Clothes Pins
  • Pictures

Step 1-Take your rope and tie the branches together. Make sure your string is spaced out far enough that when you clip on your pictures they won’t touch.

Step 2-Start getting creative. First I painted the sticks, but they still needed pizzaz so I had a crafting night with a neighbour who is good at the flowery stuff (thanks Jen).

Step 3- Paint your clothes pins a bright fun colour. I did pink because I like pink (reason enough).

Step 4-Print off your pictures. If you have a bunch that don’t match well, print them in black and white then mount them on card stock. This will give them a more uniform look. Take a second to get teary eyed about how much your baby girl has grown up in the past year.

Step 5-Clip your pictures onto the string and find a place to display your new frame.


This project is great because you can constantly being rotating what pictures you want displayed, or if your kids make oodles of drawing this would be a great place to hang them!

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