7 Minute Popsicles!

It’s the heat of summer here in the Okanagan and that means we are always looking for ways to cool down. For Avery’s birthday she was given a Zoku quick pop maker (thank you Kyla), and this fancy little thing is life changing. Not only does the Zoku make popsicles, but it makes them in 7 minutes!

This fast freezing magic box is a fantastic invention for someone like me who doesn’t have the patience to wait for my deepfreeze to do the job. And since you make them one at a time theres no big commitment to 6 flavours at once. So what was the lucky first flavour? Obviously a Baileys and coffee (sorry Avery you get popsicle number two).

What you will need:wp-1467070753182.jpg

  • Zoku fancy freezy thingy
  • Coffee & Baileys OR
  • Any liquids of your choice

*Keep this little freezy thingy in your freezer*

Step 1-Whip up some coffee the boring old fashion way. Chilling your coffee first will help the Zoku freeze your popsicle faster but if your using hot coffee it will still freeze, you’ll just have to wait a little longer for your popsicle.

Step 2-Fill your machine with coffee and baileys. This thing doesn’t take much liquid (approx. 2 oz) so keep that in mind with your baileys to coffee ratio. As soon as liquid goes in you can start watching magic happen, and within a few minutes your favourite beverage become your favourite popsicle!

Step 3-Use your remover tool to twist and pop the popsicle right out of the maker.

Don’t worry everyone, Avery got a popsicle to. Here she is enjoying/not sure about a frozen milk and raspberry treat.


Avery isn’t so sure about these frozen treats yet. 

I’m telling you guys this thing is a game changer in our house. There are so many popsicle combinations to be made that my head is spinning with ideas. Let me know what some of your favourite flavours are so I can try them out!

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