10 Tips for the Perfect Boho Party

I love birthday parties…actually I love all parties, and if they have a theme I get extra giddy. So of course for Avery’s first birthday she had to have a theme, and a boho party was a perfect match for my little wild child. If you’ve been following me you know that I’ve been working on different elements of this party for a while, so here are my top 10 must haves for a boho inspired party.

  1. Tipi tent-Of course the birthday girl needed a gift, and what is more fitting for a boho party than a pink tent! This thing is fully loaded with arrow pillowsa big canoe pillowdreamcatchers, and a spirit animal bauble that hangs on the front of the door.


  2.  Dreamcatcher piñata -Nothing says party time more than kids hopped up on sugar and smacking a piñata filled with more sugar. This was the perfect combination of boho meets sugar buzz, but I think next time there should be an adult one filled with little liquor bottles.
  3.  Dreamcatcher guest book – Most guest books end up in a box somewhere in a basement, but not this one. You’ll want to display this one proudly after the party is over.
  4. Basically what you need is Dreamcatchers everywhere. Pretty much a boho birthday isn’t complete without oodles of dreamcatchers hanging all over the place.
  5. Photo Booth- I love pictures, and in todays world we all carry phones with us so why not make a great spot for the perfect photo ops. I filled the background with dreamcatchers then added all sorts of props beside it. Also a great idea for the party is to have a hashtag, then when the pictures get posted online everyone can see the party pics!
  6. Flowers, flowers, flowers. Flower crowns for the little ones were made out of headbands so they don’t fall of their heads, and an assortment of fancy wire flower crowns for everyone else. Don’t forget to make some more ‘masculine’ ones for the men at your party.


  7. Photo Display– The birthday girl has changed so much over the past year so I wanted to display her monthly growth for everyone to see.

    A cute way to display her last year


  8. Another great way to decorate for the party is with garland and I loved making a tassel garland with a bit of gold flair.
  9. Outdoor Games- Every party needs games for your guest to play. For Avery’s we had a quirky flamingo ring toss, as well as the classic twister but this one also doubles as a blanket!
  10. Set the mood by putting out afghans around the lawn for everyone to enjoy their cake picnic style.

The most important thing to remember is to just have fun because if your friends and family are there its going to be a great day. I hope your boho party turns out as special as ours did. Don’t forget to comment and share with me how your party turns out!


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