How to Make Geode Wall Art

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Geodes will now be named happy rocks in this house. What are they? Well when you first see them they look like  boring old rocks (not the fun shaped rocks that kids collect at the beach and then fill their parents pockets with) just a plain old rock. However, what makes these rocks so special is that you get to take a hammer to them and crack ’em open. Wahoo, I think everyone has a little bit of a destructive side in them. The second reason why these are now called happy rocks is because when you crack them open the inside is filled with fun sparkly coloured crystals. It’s like magic. Therefore happy rocks is without question the most appropriate name for these guys!

The colour of the crystals pop against the white wood and make it a versatile piece that can be incorporated into bohemian style decor, or a very modern chic house. But theres also enough sparkle for this to be a great accent in the ultimate girls room to.


What you will need:


Step 1- Find some geodes. You can pick these up at most crystal stores or for some reason I always see them at touristy gift shops.

Step 2-Smash your geodes! Go outside with a hammer and towel. Place the towel overtop of the geode (so pieces don’t fly everywhere) and smash away. Don’t break your rocks into to small of pieces, you still want them to be a good size for your project.

Step 3- Cut your board to the length of your choice then give it a coat of white paint. When the paint drys nail on your wall hanger.


Step 4- Super glue you rocks onto your board. Try and use rock pieces that are flat on the ‘boring’ side, but then stick out on the colourful bright other side. This way you have a good surface to glue, and then a bit of rock texture to hang items off of.


This is one of my favourite projects. I made a few of them as christmas gifts last year and they were a favourite with my friends and family. Some people used them to hang necklaces off of, while others hung it among a collage of pictures as a piece of art. After you make one of these, be sure to let me know what you use it for!

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