Give Your Picture Frames a Facelift

Picture frames are this weird obsession of mine. I see them on sale and have to buy 10 at a time. I like to frame quotes, old family recipes, pictures of ancestors, new pictures, funny pictures, kids drawings… Pretty much anything I can think of to frame I will (this is not a minimalist house). I love interesting bold frames, but for some reason we have a collection of boring black ones in the basement.

Do you have this problem to? A pile of sad looking old frames that you don’t know what to do with. You don’t want to throw them away, but they are just to ugly to frame your kids art work on the wall? Instead of putting them in the goodwill pile, here is a simple way to  revive some life back into them.


What you will need:

  • Black picture frame
  • All purpose circle labels
  • Pink spray paint
  • Gold spray paint (not shown)

Step 1-Take apart your picture frame. The pieces we are going to be working with are the frame itself, and the white boarder matting on the inside.


Step 2- Take the border matt and labels outside and give them a coat of spray paint. I sprayed the boarder in pink and did the circles in gold(my love for gold is endless this summer).

Step 3-Stick the gold labels all around the black frame. Ahhh gold polka dots, is there anything better?


Step 4-Put the frame back together and add a fun picture.


I love how easy this frame was to make, and it is so cute. I think there should be way more gold polka dots floating around the house. If you have any polka dot ideas let me know!


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