How to Make a Baileys Smore Martini

Family camping trips hold some of my favourite childhood memories. My cousins and I would take off on our adventures at the crack of dawn and spend the days exploring every inch of the grounds. We would have tea parties in the forests, and make maps marking where all the big ant piles were. We would go to the beach and make sandcastles then cool off in the lakes…well where I grew up they resembled more of a swamp then a lake, but we would still splash around in them until our fingers looked like prunes.

So what was the best part of camping? The night time campfires. And what was the best part of the campfire? SMORES! They were the perfect combination of crunchy, gooey, and deliciousness all wrapped up in a toasty sandwich. So how do you improve on something that already seems like shear perfection? You add Baileys of course.

It’s been a few years since I’ve slept under the stars or roasted a marshmallow, so this drink is my way of bringing back those good time feelings! Besides, if I drink this on a blanket on my front yard its basically just like camping again right?

What you will need:


  • Baileys
  • Chocolate milk
  • Caramel syrup
  • Grahm crackers
  • Marshmallows
  • Torch

Step 1-Break up your graham crackers into small pieces and set aside on a plate. You can also buy graham cracker crumbs made for pie crust, but its not nearly as enjoyable as crushing them all yourself.

Step 2-Pour caramel sauce on a plate and coat the rim of your glass. Next put your glass in the graham crackers that you set aside. The carmel sauce makes the graham crackers stick, and is a yummy added surprise when you are drinking your smore.

Step 3- In a blender add equal parts of Baileys and Chocolate milk. Add ice and blend together until smooth. Then pour your delicious blended drink into your glass.

Step 4-Top your drink with a handful of mini marshmallows. Take your torch and brown/burn your marshmallows. Be careful because they set on fire way faster then I remember (don’t be that kid who was always burning their marshmallows).


Step 6-Grab some friends, find a campfire (or a grassy piece of lawn), and take turns telling scary campfire stories!


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