The Perfect DIY Fathers Day Gift

Fathers Day is on the horizon and since it is hubbys first, Aves and I had to make him something special.  (Barry if you’re reading this stop now or you will ruin your own fathers day!)

Todays craft is a special gift for dad. I got this idea from a neighbour of mine. She is the ultimate crafty crafter (thanks Jen). Every Fathers Day she makes handprint shirts with her three daughters, and I love this idea. That way you also get to see how their cute little hands grow every year.

What you will need:


  • T-shirt
  • Fabric paint
  • Child
  • If you have a little one you will also need paper and pencil

Step 1-The hand print. Instead of dealing with messy hands, if your baby is ‘Averyish’ age (one year) or younger I suggest first tracing their hand onto a piece of paper and cutting it out. This way you don’t get paint on their hands. Also this fabric spray is impossible to get off!


What a cute, tiny, little hand!

Step 2-Paint your shirt. Wait until nap time and then head outside with your hand cut out, t-shirt, and spray paint. Do a test run with your paint on some extra newspaper so when you spray the shirt you don’t have any paint clumps or spray surprises. Put a piece of cardboard in the shirt so the paint does not leak through.

Position your little hand where you want it on the shirt. Spray over the hand. I first did yellow spraying one direction, then teal spraying another direction. My friend did two hand spots which was also adorable!

Step 3- Let your paint dry, most of the paints will set and be safe to wash after 72 hours.

Warning: Do not spray your hand or everything will stick to it. Also this paint is hard to get off! I think Amanda will be rocking teal fingers for at least a couple days.




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