DIY Dreamcatcher

As a child I remember getting a dreamcatcher for my 5th birthday. Not the authentic kind, but one of those over commercialized colourful toys tailored to little girls. It was pink with neon beads woven into the bright web of strings, and glittery feathers dangling below it. I hung it above my bed and would stare at it for hours.

I decided to make a few to decorate Avery’s party with, but I don’t have the patients (or the talent) to weave the intricate designs in the centre. So here is an easy way to create a stunning boho style dreamcatcher.


What you will need:


  • Embroidery hoop
  • Doily
  • Lace or strips of material
  • Flowers & Feathers (optional)
  • Glue Gun & Scissors

Step 1- Raid your local thrift store for doilies and embroidery hoops. Trust me they will have them. Warning: when the old lady at the checkout counter starts talking about how lovely your new doilies are, DO NOT tell her that you are about to cut them up. She will stare at you in disgust like you just tried to kick her poodle (I don’t understand old women and their love for doilies).

Step 2- Put the doily in the hoop, pull the fabric tight and clasp the hoop together. Cut the excess material away from the hoop while now feeling guilty that you are cutting up a doily.


Step 3-Take your lace/fabric strips and tie them around the bottom of the hoop. Do this by folding your lace in half, poking the folded part through the bottom of the hoop, then pulling the two free ends through. This will give you two strips hanging down form your hoop. Do this where the clasp of the hoop is to cover it, then add as many strands as you like to fill the bottom of the dreamcatcher.

Step 4- Add feathers by tying them at different lengths throughout your strands of fabric.

Step 5-Hot glue gun flowers to the bottom of your dream catcher.

Step 5- Hang your new dreamcatcher above your bed and let all nightmares of potty training, and grocery store tantrums get tangled up in the web. Now you will only dream about riding unicorns into the sunset, and houses made out of chocolate…or whatever your happy dreams are about.

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