Everything must be gold!

At the moment I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with spray painting everything gold. As you can tell from my previous posts, this gold paint obsession is getting out of hand and it is now time to kick this habit. If I’ve learned anything from the tragic ending of King Midas, it’s to put the spray can down before turning poor Avery and everyone I love gold.

A few months ago I was out visiting my parents and noticed their firewood pile was overflowing. My dad had cut down a tree and luckily hadn’t burned all the wood yet! So I snagged some stumps and convinced my husband that they were something we absolutely needed for our house (although I had no idea what to use them for).

After finishing Avery’s Tipi project  I thought these would be a great sitting area to go with her new tent. She loves sitting on them while eating her snacks, and learning how to stand with the different levels.  However one might go missing and turn into a new side table in our living room.

What you will need:


  • Old tree stumps
  • Gold spray paint
  • Paint in colour of your choice
  • Varathane
  • Paint brushes

Step 1- Wait until all of your neighbours are out of town or at work so you don’t look like the crazy lady painting trees. Then spray the whole stump with a coat of gold.


Step 2-Paint the top of your stump in whatever colour you want. I did pink, purple and white.


Step 3- When your paint is dry, coat the whole thing in varathane to protect it from weathering and from the paint chipping.


Step 4- Figure out all the many places you want these on display. Then sit there and fantasize about all of the other things you would paint gold if your can hadn’t ran out.


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