Mint-the Gangster Herb

Ohh mint, a delicious herb that everyone needs, but do you know about its dark side? This fun loving sprig of green is also a stone cold killer. Yup thats right, if all of your herbs are planted together in a nice little herb community, mint will pick them off one by one. This Al Capone of herbs will take over and wipe out all the other herbs in your garden. To avoid this blood shed (or herb shed I guess) you need to banish Mint Capone to its very own Alcatraz. Thats right I’m talking about its own planter!

I’m not really sure how I got on this whole gangster kick, maybe its the mojito talking! Anyways, this mint planter is perfect for adding a pop of colour into your garden, and is a cheap and easy alternative to going out and buying those pretty but super expensive pots. Although now I think instead of geometric shapes I should be painting on a jail cell. hmmm future project maybe?

What you will need (for the non gangster version of the planter):


  • Clay pot (I used an 8 inch pot)
  • Paint
  • Varathene
  • Piece of wood
  • Dowel
  • Painters tape
  • Paint brush/foam brush
  • Mint and dirt

Step 1- Painting your pot. Take your painters tape and mark off a few triangles around your pot. Paint in your triangles with your lighter colour first, I used Martha Stewart-Satin-Surf. Remove the tape when your paint is still wet or else the paint might chip around the edges of the tape. When the paint is dry, tape off a few more triangles so that they slightly overlap the dry ones. Then paint with a shade darker. I used Martha Stewart-Satin-Diving Board

Step 2- Paint around the top brim of the pot. I used Martha Stewart-Mettalic-Rose Chrome.

Step 3-Fill your pot with dirt and plant your mint. If you are using a large planter add a few plastic bottles or cans to the bottom of the planter, this fills in the bottom instead of using up all of your dirt.

Step 4-Making your sign. Cut your piece of wood into a 5″ X 3.5″ rectangle. Paint the whole piece of wood in the Rose Chrome. When the paint is dry tape off all the sides of your sign. Use your darker colour (diving board) to paint in your square. Remove the tape and let it dry. When your paint is dry use your last colour (surf) to paint the words on your sign. I like to first write with pencil so there is a guide of where to paint. Finish off your sign with a coat of varathene (optional) to protect the paint.

Step 5- Attach your new sign to the dowel (I used super glue) and insert into your plant.

Step 6-Put your new plant out in the sun and start making mojitos!!!!

Step 7-Follow me so you don’t miss out on next weeks delicious mojito recipe!



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