Twister and Cuddles

Next game up for Avery’s birthday…TWISTER! A party isn’t a party without this classic. However I don’t actually own this game so why not make one, then I can mix and match the dots in my own colours, and yes of course there will be gold in the mix. But are you ready for the truly genius idea here?  This blanket is backed with fleece and now doubles as a blanket! Now you can take it for picnics, camping, sleepovers, to the park, to the mall, to the movies…ok I guess it shouldn’t go to ALL of those places, but hey why not its your blanket game!

What you will need:


  • Canvas (painters drop cloth)
  • Fleece (I used an old blanket)
  • Fabric spray paint
  • Cardboard box
  • All purpose circle label stickers
  • Sewing Machine

Step 1- Cut a piece of canvas the size of your blanket. If you actually have fabric on hand and didn’t have to raid your child’s blanket drawer then YAY, you get to choose what size you want your blanket/twister game to be. Unfortunately I am limited to what materials I have on hand so one of Avery’s blankets is now getting a facelift.

Step 2- Make a spray paint template. I used a technical circle tool to trace out my shape (it was a bowl). Once your circle is drawn use a knife to cut it out.

Tip: Use a box instead of a piece of cardboard. This will prevent overspray from getting all over your canvas. Also if you use a box make sure to tape/seal all of the corners…I thought mine was taped (it was not)  and now there are colourful lines beside my circles.


Step 3- Take your canvas outside with your box and spray paint. Also bring out some newspaper to put under the spots you are spraying or else the paint will cover whatever is under the canvas. Or you can spray over rocks and turn them pretty colours, then see your husband watch you from the window with a look of disstress because you are slowly turning all the rocks around your house pink and gold (what is with men and their rocks/lawn/trees).


Step 4-When you are done spraying your canvas use the same spray paint to spray your circle labels. Spray four dots in each colour. I did six in each colour just in case, because you never know when your going to need some coloured dots.


Step 5- After your paint is dry sew the canvas to your fleece. Pin the ‘good’ sides together and sew along the edges leaving a little opening at the bottom of the blanket so that you can flip it inside out when done.  Stitch the remaining part of the blanket together.

Step 6- Making your game board. Cut a square out of cardboard or card stock. Draw two lines through the middle so that there are four squares on the paper. Label each box- left foot, right foot, left hand, right hand.

When your circles are dry put one of each colour in the squares. For the spinner I am going to use whatever is handy in the house at the time. A pencil or pen would work great.

Step 7-Go outside and have a crazy game of twister. Then when you are done cuddle up in your cozy new blanket.


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