How to Make Your Own Flamingo Ring Toss Game

Ok I have a little confession before you read this. My husband has been out of town for almost a week, because of this Avery and I have gone a little crazy (ok I’ve gone a little crazy). Avery and I had so much fun with the flamingos that they have now become a part of our family. From here on out they will now be referred to as Timothy and Sebastian….yup thats right we (I) have named them.

Earlier in the week I found this project on the fantastic blog  Sugar & Cloth . I was looking for some games for the kids at Avery’s party and came across this adorable ring toss idea. Of course I did have to change it up a little due to my new obsession with gold spray paint!

What you will need:


  • 2 lawn flamingos (dollar store)
  • 6 rings (dollar store)
  • two buckets (dollar store)
  • 3 colours of spray paint
  • Sand/Dirt/Rocks (bucket filler)

Step 1- Take an obscene amount of pictures with your new friends Timothy and Sebastian.

Step 2-Spray paint Timothy and Sebastien gold, and spray paint your rings with your two other colors. I did 3 pink and 3 teal.

Step 3-Fill your buckets with sand/dirt or something that will hold you flamingos in place. You could also skip this step and put the flamingos directly in the ground if you are able to.


Step 4-Rename your flamingos to have flashy alter egos. I would now like to introduce you to Sparkles and Jazzy Jeff!




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