Huckleberry Lemonade

Ahhh Friday, the day that everyone looks forward to all week. The sun is shinning, the birds are chirping and my baby is having a tantrum. This is a magical combination that screams I need a drink, and this summer like weather has inspired me to create a refreshing twist on a summer classic.

I was at our local farmers market this week and picked up a bottle of huckleberry liqueur (thats right our market sells booze!). The booth was giving out samples (how could I resist) and I’ve found a new favourite berry. This huckleberry liqueur from Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery is just one of the many yummy flavours of local fruit they use…I think I must try them all!

So what is a huckleberry?….ummmm delicious! I’ve never had one before but that’s because they are not commercially grown, this makes it a hard flavour to find on your liquor store shelves. The lovely lady at the market also told me that this flavour doesn’t get bottled every year (bears also enjoy this berry) making it a challenge to go picking.

Now the big question, what should I do with this bottled goodness (other than pour over my ice cream/morning cereal…don’t judge me). Well with it almost being summer why not do a twist on the ever classic lemonade.

What you will need:


Step 1- Making your lemonade. I’ve been using this recipe every summer for years and still love it. Take a big jar and squeeze three lemons. Do not throw your peels out.

Step 2-Boil 1 cup of sugar with 2-4 cups of water (depending on how sweet you like it). When the sugar has fully dissolved in the water remove from the heat.

Step 3- Add your sugar water into the jar with the lemon juice and add all of your left over lemon peels. Let this sit over night. If you can’t wait all night put a lid on the jar and *shake shake shake* to get as much of the lemon oil and juices out.wp-1464320159014.jpg

Step 4- Pour 1 oz. of Huckleberry liqueur into a glass with crushed ice. Pour in  2-3oz. of your homemade lemonade.

Now this is my less mess trick. I always like to shake my drinks but don’t want to clean up a martini shaker and a glass (I’m lazy…and have a toddler running around) so I make my drinks in mason jars, *shake shake shake* remove the lid, and enjoy.

Step 5-Top with soda water. Do this after you shake your drink or you’ll have a huge mess to clean up.

Step 6-Go outside, put your feet up, and enjoy!










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