How to Make Your Own Dream Catcher Piñata

A party isn’t a party without swarms of kids hopped up on sugar running around looking for things to hit. So you might as well give them something to attack instead of your yard/house/cars or any other precious belongings you hope to still have in tact after the party.

The solution? A Piñata filled with more candy! It is best to smash the piñata right before they go home, this way when they are at their peak sugar buzz you can send them on home.

What you will need:


A few simple supplies to make a festive piñata

Step 1-Cut two circles in your cardboard box, then a few 3 inch cardboard strips. I used a diaper box and am looking for more cardboard projects because we are literally drowning in diaper boxes over here (ok not literally I was just trying to be dramatic). I have this box hoarding problem and can never throw them out because what if I might need the box someday. Eh hem like today for my piñata.

Step 2- Tape the strips of cardboard to the outside of your circle. Make sure you use lots of tape to ensure your box is strong enough to hold all of the candy. Also make sure to leave a little flap at the top of the circle so that you can put the candy in later.


After cutting out your shape, tape all of your pieces together (make sure they are strong enough to hold lots of candy!).

Step 3-Take your tissue paper and cut little slits across. To make this job not as tedious I layered a few sheets together before cutting.

Step 4- Start with the outside bottom of your circle and start glueing your tissue paper row by row. This takes a little bit of time to do but I find it fairly therapeutic…that is until you rip your paper in half for the 7th time.

Also don’t forget that you have an opening for candy, do not cover this opening.

Step 5- Time to work on the front and back. Start at the bottom of the circle, cutting (or just ripping) the tissue paper to the size you need. Once you have layered a few pieces of white add two sheets of the gold tissue paper. Then continue all the way to the top with your white paper.

Step 6-  Tie two feathers together with your ribbon, then add a couple beads. The beads are there to give the string a little bit of weight so that your feathers will hang nicely (plus they look pretty). Do this five times.

Step 7- When adding the ribbon I found the easiest way to do this was with an embroidery needle. Poke the needle along the corner edge of your piñata, wait to tie your ribbons until all of them are hanging, this way you can adjust the lengths of each strand when you see them all together.wp-1464194600820.jpg

Step 7- Fill with candy (or as a cruel joke, toothbrushes and healthy sugar free granola bars).

Step 8-Silently cry inside knowing that all of your hard work on your beautiful masterpiece will soon be smashed into pieces by tiny humans that only want the candy inside.



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