Party Animals

Party time! These pillows are my new obsession. If I wasn’t so artistically challenged there would be a whole party zoo happening in my house! Unfortunately I have now given up on my drawing skills. It took me hours to learn how to master these three (its a cat, dinosaur and hippo).

What you will need:wp-1463763652138.jpg

  • Canvas
  • Sharpie
  • Gold acrylic paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Pompoms
  • Glue gun
  • Sewing machine
  • Pillow stuffing


Step 1-Spend hours figuring out how to draw a cat (yes this took me hours and thats as good as I got). Once you are confident with your animal drawing abilities draw your creature on the canvas. You can also start by using a pencil, that way you are not fully committed to your drawing until you get it perfect.

In the pictures below my cat has closed eyes, do not draw eyes on your pillow, just leave them until the end.


As you can see my cat Cleo was sitting patiently while I drew her portrait.

Step 2-Use your gold acrylic paint to paint on a party hat.

Step 3-Sew on your pom pom. If you wait until the pillow is sewn together it will be a lot more difficult to add the pompom (and a party hat isn’t a party hat without one).

wp-1463762832090.jpg img_20160519_102515466_hdr.jpg

Step 4-Cut out a second piece of canvas the same size and shape as the one with your drawing on it. Sew your two pieces together making sure that the two ‘good’ sides are facing inward. Make sure to leave a hole at the bottom to flip and stuff your pillow.

Step 5- Push your fabric through the hole and turn your pillow inside out so that the pattern is now on the outside. Stuff with pillow stuffing and sew the bottom of the pillow together.



Step 6-Take your hot glue gun and fasten the eyes onto your pillow.


Just a little side note, although these pillows are cute and cuddly they do have pieces that are choking hazards for small children (eyes and pompoms).

Step 7-Start the party because all your guests are now here!!

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