Into The Wild

Camp Avery is done! I thought of one last project to bring this all together. My original idea was to make a large plush canoe that Avery could sit in, after all how hard could that be?

I first grabbed cardboard, batting, foam, fabric and all the random essentials to make something so magnificent that it could be paddled down the Mississippi. Then I realized my skills just aren’t quite there yet.

What I did end up making what one giant canoe pillow and I love the way it turned out. Even if she can’t sit in it, she can at least sit on top of it.

Ok so thats my huge spiel about my crafting adventure on this one, I won’t take you on a step by step  of the failed project, but here is how I made a cute accent canoe to go with the tipi.

What you will need:

  • Canvas (I have been using painters drop cloths)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Pillow Stuffing
  • Sewing Machine

Step 1-Design half of your canoe shape on a piece of paper for a template. Make sure to make your sketch a little bigger than you want your canoe because when you sew the pattern together it will shrink down a bit.


Step 2- Fold your canvas in half and trace out your pattern.


Step 3-After cutting your canvas iron out the wrinkles. My wrinkles did not come out (if you have not read my previous posts this is because I washed a sheet of canvas). DO NOT WASH CANVAS. Therefore this canoe has somewhat of a wrinkled rustic look to it. Its driving me a bit crazy but I think my eye twitches will stop when I have finally used up all of this wrinkly fabric.

Step 4- Sew your pattern together making sure to leave a large opening in the bottom to stuff the canoe.Make sure to backstitch on both sides of the opening to prevent the canoe from unraveling.



Step 5-Stuff your canoe. I originally started stuffing this with a sheet of batting because this was going to be a side on my canoe, but when I decided to go the route of the pillow I added pillow stuffing along with it.


Step 6-Paint your canoe. I used acrylic paint and went with pink and a touch of gold so that it would tie in nicely with the tipi.


And there you have it, one canoe for camp Avery.


Here is the finished gift! I think Avery will love her birthday present. Her arrow pillows can even double up as paddles for the canoe.



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