Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My

Ok just bear, but for this project feel free to use any animal you want. I am using a bear and this delightful creature will now be the spirt animal of my tipi tent. Yes I said it, spirit animal!

What you will need:


  • Plastic animal (dollar store)
  • Gold Spray paint
  • Rope
  • Feather (not shown because it was a later on decision)
  • Screw Eyes (not shown in picture)
  • Fabric

Step 1- Pick your animal. I chose for my tipi to have the spirit of the bear. It was either a bear or pig, and the spirit of the pig doesn’t sound as bad ass. Once you decide on a spirit animal take it outside and put it in box. You don’t actually have to put it in a box but trust me this step will save you a huge argument about spray paint etiquette with your husband if your don’t turn the lawn/rocks/cars into your current project colour.

When using the spray paint make sure you do light coats and space them out. If you try and paint your project in one shot it will not dry properly, leaving you with a tacky feeling animals.

Next squeal in excitement over the fact that this cute little bear is now gold!


Step 2- Making your tassel. Cut your fabric into a square, the fold your square in half. Next make slits along the fabric almost up to the folded side. Once you have done this to the whole piece open it up again. Then roll your fabric up with the fringes on both sides. Fold in half and tie a piece of the same coloured fabric around the top.

20160514_141909.jpg    20160514_142055.jpg

20160514_142304.jpg      20160514_142416.jpg

Step 3-Once your animal has been spray painted and is dry insert your screw eye. Usually you need to drill a pilot hole with these, but because I was using it on plastic I found that it screwed in just fine without the pilot hole.


Step 4- Tie your feather onto a a string.

Step 5- String your bobbles onto a rope, and tie your rope around your tipi.


Step 6- Sit in your tipi and channel your inner spirit animal.

I enjoyed this project because it was simple and easy to do, PLUS I got to use gold paint! I feel there will be many more gold projects in the future.


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