Every Tipi Needs an Arrow

Now that I’ve made my tipi…ok Avery’s tipi, its time to jazz it up. I tossed the idea around of arrows for a while, then thought maybe some pillows. So what did I decide? Arrow pillows…or arrow stuffies?  My husband said you can’t really call them pillows if your head doesn’t rest on them. (He’s to practical and doesn’t understand the importance of throw pillows.)

What you will need:


  • Canvas (I used the left over scraps from the tent)
  • Sharpie
  • Embroidery thread
  • Feathers
  • Glue gun & sewing machine

My first pillow (the smaller one with no feathers) had some ‘teachable’ moments, so hopefully you can learn from my mistakes for a flawlessly adorable pillow.

Step 1- Fold tissue paper in half and draw out what you want the silhouette to be. On my first pillow I drew the arrow on the canvas first and then cut around it, this will lead to an uneven wonky pillow.


My paper wasn’t long enough to trace the bottom part of the arrow but there is a cut from the folded side to the straight line at approx. and 45 degree angle.


Step 2- Trace your design onto a folded piece of canvas and then cut.


I use this rotating blade thingy for nice crisp cuts.


Step 3-Take a sharpie and draw your arrow. Make sure it isn’t to close to the edges or else you will lose the design when you sew the pillow together. Also if you are adding feathers I would leave out the bottom fins of the arrow or draw them in with pencil as a guide.


Step 3.5- If you are just adding a bit of embroidery thread to your design like i did in the first pillow do that now before the pillow is sewn together. If you are adding feathers wait until step 7.

Step 4-Pin the sides you want to be on the outside of the pillow together. Then sew along the silhouette keeping an opening at the long part of the pillow. With my first pillow I did the opening at the bottom and it made it really difficult to flip the pillow out the right way.


Step 5- Push your fabric through the opening so that the pillow is now the right way. To get into all of the little corners and push them out I used a knitting need, but a pencil would work to. Just be sure not to push to hard or you will poke through the fabric.

Step 6-Stuff your pillow. You can get filling at fabric stores, but since my store moved across town (another rant for another day) I buy the cheap 3 dollar pillows at Walmart. Then I cut them open and use the stuffing in those to stuff my own pillows.

Step 6.5- If you just want to keep your pillow simple then stitch up the hole and YAY your done.

Step 7-Adding the feathers. Start at the bottom of the fin and use your hot glue gun to add the layers. I cut the feathers so that the hard long piece on the end wasn’t there. I found that they stuck better and were more flush to the pillow.

Step 8-Take embroidery thread and weave it around the top of the feathers and bottom of the ‘stick’ part of the arrow. By doing this it looks like your feathers have been tied onto your arrow.


I think these are a fantastic addition for any tipi. They are cute, have plenty of character and can be made with left over scraps from your tipi. What more could a girl ask for?


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