Glitz and Garland

What takes your party from dollar store drab to wahoo lets dance? Gold party animals obviously! This next project is great because you can use scrap fabric that you have laying around plus it is bright, whimsical, and easy to do. I decided to use the left over pink fabric from Avery's tipi project so that the colours would … Continue reading Glitz and Garland

Party Animals

Party time! These pillows are my new obsession. If I wasn't so artistically challenged there would be a whole party zoo happening in my house! Unfortunately I have now given up on my drawing skills. It took me hours to learn how to master these three (its a cat, dinosaur and hippo). What you will … Continue reading Party Animals

Into The Wild

Camp Avery is done! I thought of one last project to bring this all together. My original idea was to make a large plush canoe that Avery could sit in, after all how hard could that be? I first grabbed cardboard, batting, foam, fabric and all the random essentials to make something so magnificent that … Continue reading Into The Wild